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Condition-based Monitoring Delivers Strong ROI

LogiLube's SmartOil™ platform is a condition-based intelligent health monitoring system that uses real-time data analytics and custom algorithms to improve the reliability of mission critical equipment such as compressors used in the midstream gathering and transmission of natural gas. With lost opportunity cost for equipment downtime that could run as high as $100,000 per hour, extending the interval of just one oil change based on condition-based monitoring could produce an impressive 500% savings. Likewise, preventing a catastrophic valve failure due to excessive abrasive wear from high particulate contamination could deliver a whopping 200X ROI.

More than just real-time oil analysis, the SmartOil value proposition goes deep:

  • Condition-based Actionable Information

  • Real-Time Predictive Analytics (Edge Processing)

  • Fleet-wide Data Analytics (Remote Server Processing)

  • Reduce Downtime and Operational Expenses

  • Increase Useful Life of Capital Assets

  • Valuable BIG Data / Analytics / AI

  • Ultra-secure Client Data (Platinum Level Data Security™)

  • End-to-End Solution

Check out SmartOil Case Studies at

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