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LogiLube® Smart Solutions are the DNA of Machine Reliability


LogiLube® has developed a “technology platform” that consists of an integrated suite of products and services that can be used individually or in combination in many industry settings. The LogiLube® suite of technologies can be combined with other best-practice reliability assurance techniques to provide end-users with secure and seamless integration of data from many distinct sources. The end-to-end functionality of the LogiLube® ecosystem provides the unprecedented ability to generate real-time, actionable information that empowers customers to make data-driven decisions and more efficiently use their assets to increase revenue, decrease costly downtime, and improve profitability.


LogiLube® Smart Solutions Best-in-class Advantages

Actionable Information

Intelligent data processing allows SmartOil® to provide users with machine status notifications that extend far beyond simple alarms while oil sample analysis from an industry leading laboratory provides expert tribiology-backed data. The combination of SmartOil® generated alerts and professional laboratory analysis and feedback delivers the information necessary to act immediately.

Consistent, repeatable, and high-quality oil samples allow detection and observation of potentially damaging machine and oil conditions before they grow into costly problems. Real-time oil data is constantly collected and processed. SmartOil® identifies potentially harmful trends and anomalies and alerts customers to perform preventative, scheduled maintenance. SmartOil® also extracts an oil Sample-by-Exception™ so that real-time measurements can be professionally verified.

Early Failure

Oil Quality Management

SmartOil® possesses the unprecedented ability to link real-time oil quality measurements, best-in-class laboratory analysis and expert tribologist feedback, notable machine events, and oil consumption data into a single analytical system. This enables customers to view all aspects of lubricant quality and machine reliability for a single machine or across all fleets, plants, and regions within a company.

Automated, unattended oil sample collection can be based on a scheduled collection interval (configurable) or an unscheduled collection (Sample-by-Exception™). SmartOil® replaces the need for manual field collection by staff or contracted service while ensuring that oil samples are free of contamination and representative of the actual oil circulating within the machine.

Automated Oil

Real-time Data

Real-time data monitoring and collection of key oil quality attributes such as temperature, pressure, water content, density, viscosity, etc. is managed by an on-board microprocessor which is capable of local data processing (edge computing). Real-time data is transmitted to the LogiLube® database and computer servers enabling Big Data predictive analytics. Web-based data management and client portal is accessible from anywhere around the globe online and from smartphones and tablets.

Because SmartOil® measures and processes key oil conditions in real-time, it is able to provide an overall machine health score which aids in scheduling and prioritizing preventative maintenance. Individual machine health scores are tracked and compared on a 24/7/365 schedule to facilitate fleet-wide analysis of failure modes and reliability patterns. LogiLube® provides customers with Early Preventative Maintenance tools that increase equipment reliability, fleet-wide uptime, and overall profitability.

Condition-based Monitoring

Why You Should Consider SmartOil®

Learn more about the difference LogiLube® and SmartOil® can make by watching this insightful video. In the Wattenberg Field of Northeast Colorado, we performed a highly successful, multi-month test that provided real-time data on the oil condition of mission-critical compressor equipment resulting in actionable data, increasing equipment uptime while increasing revenue.

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