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LogiLube SmartLab

LogiLube® adds a new level of bulletproof reliability and reporting to oil condition monitoring and lab analysis.

To effectively achieve maximum uptime, mechanics must tightly control the entire monitoring process, which can be comprised of both physical sampling (SmartLab™) and embedded sensors that perform real-time condition monitoring (SmartOil®). For data integrity and reliability, as well as comparative data analytic consistency, analytic data delivery speed and a chain-of-custody of physical samples and related data is crucial. Deploying the SmartLab™ end-to-end solution ensures samples are reliably taken, tracked, and analyzed with results uploaded to cloud servers, typically within 24 hours or less, reporting actionable intelligence.

LogiLube SmartLab™ — End-to-End Oil Sample Tracking - Lab Analytics - Data Analysis - Reporting

Automated or Manual
Sample Collecting
SmartLab™ can be implemented with the SmartOil® automated collection unit or manually.
Tracking & Recording
The SmartLab™ mobile app scans both the source unit and sample bottle to timestamp and correlate critical data.
Lab Analysis & Tribologist Review
Samples are analyzed according to ASTM and ISO parameters. Results undergo tribologist review and Big Data analytics.
Data Analytics & Actionable Reports
Data is sent to cloud-based servers where it is converted to automated reports and actionable information.

The SmartLab™ Oil Sample Kit ensures both samples and data are collected, shipped, and tracked with best-in-class processing.

Includes sample bottle with unique barcode, secondary container, and pre-addressed and paid return shipping envelope (not pictutred here).

SmartLab™ Mobile App 

Introducing intelligent oil sample collection.

Built for iOS, the SmartLab™ Mobile App scans oil sample bottles and corresponding equipment, then tracks and reports critical data automatically to the LogiLube SmartData™ cloud server.

The SmartLab™ Mobile App streamlines the oil sample process and ensures an unbroken chain of data and events. It connects every aspect of collecting, tracking, and reporting for unparalleled analytics and support.

SmartLab Automated


SmartLab™ Manual Collection

The SmartLab™ Oil Sample Kit is an end-to-end solution and is available as part of the SmartOil® automated sample collection solution or as a stand-alone manual
collection solution.

Automated Sample Collection
End-to-End Chain-of-Custody Diagram

[click image to enlarge]

Manual Collection End-to-End Chain-of-Custody Diagram

[click image to enlarge]

Advanced Big Data Analytics and Reporting

Our precisely defined, timestamped, end-to-end process ensures that the physical oil sampling chain-of-custody fulfills the critical predictive maintenance role, minimizes human error, avoiding the consequences of catastrophic failure. 

Tell us how we can help you protect your assets with our industry leading SmartLab™ solution.


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