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LogiLube SmartOil®

LogiLube SmartOil® Real-Time Machine Condition Monitoring

SmartOil® is an advanced on-machine condition monitoring system that utilizes edge processing to collect and compute real-time oil quality data. SmartOil® will identify machine-related events and record all aspects of oil collection, analysis and reporting within its chain-of-custody. Electronic sensor calibration is maintained by comparing 30-second sensor data to oil analysis lab results when synched up to a common time-stamp. Both real-time and lab analysis oil condition data are viewable via a secure web-based dashboard, correlating both datasets and delivering a ‘big picture’ machine health overview. Hands-free automated oil sample collection ensures contamination-free oil samples with an added bonus of reducing associated labor costs.

Real-Time Oil
Condition Monitoring

The LogiLube SmartOil® unit measures and computes 42 different critical oil parameters and reports data every 30 seconds.
Automated Oil
Sample Collecting
The LogiLube SmartOil® unit automatically collects scheduled and event-based oil samples for more detailed lab analysis.
Edge Processing
& Data Security
Each SmartOil® unit has a built-in processor that performs analytics and sends resulting data to the secure cloud-based LogiLube Data Center. 
Data Analytics & Actionable Reports
The LogiLube® Data Center calculates data using proprietary algorithms and publishes actionable intelligence.

LogiLube SmartOil® — Real-time condition-based machine monitoring

The LogiLube SmartOil®
Real-Time Oil Monitoring Unit

SmartOil® is a retrofittable, field-installed engine and compressor oil monitoring and auto-sample collection system. Encased in rugged OEM-quality housing, SmartOil® real-time monitoring of key oil quality attributes delivers automated, unattended oil sample collection for laboratory analysis. SmartOil® increases fleet-wide equipment uptime, revenue, and profitability.
Measures critical oil conditions in real-time. Edge processing transmits data to the LogiLube® processing center resulting in up-to-the minute reporting.

SmartOil® Eco-System

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SmartOil® Condition-based Machine Health Monitoring

With lost production cost for equipment downtime that could run as high as $100,000 per hour, extending the interval of just one oil change based on condition-based monitoring could produce an impressive 500% savings.  Likewise, preventing a catastrophic valve failure due to excessive abrasive wear from high particulate contamination could deliver a whopping 200X ROI.

P-F Interval Diagram  [click image to enlarge]

Real-Time, Actionable Reports. 

The SmartOil® unit manages real-time data monitoring and the collection of key oil quality attributes such as temperature, pressure, water content, density, viscosity, etc. Its on-board microprocessor is capable of local data processing (edge computing) and transmits real-time data to the LogiLube® database and application servers, enabling Big Data predictive analytics. Our web-based data management and client portal is accessible from anywhere around the globe online, as well as from smartphones and tablets.

Client On-line Dashboard  [click image to enlarge]

Tell us how we can help you protect your assets with our industry leading SmartOil® solution.


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