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In-Service Gearbox Condition Monitoring

Monitor the most critical component of revenue generation — wind turbine drive trains. LogiLube® smart solutions cover every critical factor to uptime reliability. Real-Time reporting of fluid conditions, automated oil sampling, vibration condition and lubricant consumption monitoring combined with fleet-wide data analytics and real-time reporting. Avoid costly downtime and unnecessary maintenance. 

SmartGear™ NREL Wind Turbine Gearbox Reliability Project — Part 1

SmartGear Eco-System

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Value Proposition 

Lower O&M Costs /

Mitigate Failure Risks

 Minimize costly equipment downtime and avoid catastrophic failures

with Early Warning Detection™

In-Service Lubricant 
Sample Collection

Automated fluids sample collection insures gathering consistent data points without costly run-time interruptions

Extend Useful Asset Life / 

Increase Revenue

Increase the life of the gear box saving millions in replacement expenses over the lifetime of each unit

Smart Solutions for Gear Boxes

Monitor Gearbox Lubricants 



•  In-line real-time oil and hydraulic fluid condition monitoring 

•  Edge processing and data reporting without interrupting run time

•  Automated sample collecting - scheduled and by exception

•  Spots condition changes that signify potential failures before they happen

Dependable Sample Collection and Analysis 



•  End-to-end chain-of-custody of fluid sample tracking and lab
    analysis insures uncorrupted data by lowering the risk of human error

•  LogiLube's mobile application and tracking & reporting tools 
    mean reliable data collection, access and analytics

Capitalize on Big Data Analytics



•  Fleet-wide data analytics provide valuable insight

•  Central processing of edge data for reliable analytics 

•  Actionable insight to make informed maintenance decisions

•  Predictive analytics provides operational intelligence

Protect corporate data assets and IIoT vulnerability



•  One-way Waterfall air gap technology — protects IoT vulnerability

•  Protects Corporate data assets 

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