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Big Data Analytics protects O&G Midstream Compressors

RECIP compressors rely on proper cylinder lubrication rates as delivered by the high pressure force-feed injection lube system. Too much oil and the added stiction force robs horsepower, gums up the valves causing premature failure and lowers of overall compressor efficiency. A drop of just 0.5% in efficiency can cost a natural gas compression operation $180,000 per year in lost revenue. This Ariel JGK-4 compressor processes propane at a Texas-based natural gas processing plant. It is protected by LogiLube’s SmartOil™ real-time oil condition monitoring (OCM) technology to keep tabs on the lube oil flow rate as well as oil quality. The machine-mounted system uses the edge-processing capabilities to continuously measure the precise force-feed lube rate….actual volumetric flow rate vs. and estimated or calculated flow rate… to insure the cylinders are getting just the right amount of lube oil as specified by the OEM. Using predictive analytics and custom algorithms, the SmartOil system can track any drift in the manually adjusted lube rate, sending contextual-based Alert Notifications (email and SMS) to operators when things are headed south. In addition to the SmartOil user interface panel that features an array of diagnostic LEDs, the operator and assigned mechanics can reference a real-time dashboard from any web-enabled device, from anywhere in the world. Combined with a real-time dial gauge showing current readings, a historical graph shows the data trend and any WARNING and/or DANGER thresholds.

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