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SmartOil™ 411 Series 
#001 Best-Practice Designs

January 3, 2016 – SmartOil™ oil & gas customers enjoy 24/7/365 access to an entire suite of digital real-time, condition-based oil quality monitoring services that deliver Early Failure Detection™ and Actionable Information™. We utilize best-practice designs to ensure that our hardware and software performs every hour of every day, 365 days out of the year.


SmartOil hardware features redundant liquid-tight seals, ultra-tough ceramic coatings, multiple sensors, and electronics designed to meet or exceed MIL-spec requirements for the high temperature-high vibration conditions typical of the O&G industry. LogiLube software receives similar treatment in the form of relentless testing, optimization, and continuous improvements.


LogiLube best-practice designs in hardware and software ensure uninterrupted operation and real-time data that our customers can use to make actionable decisions. Coupled with autonomous, hands-free oil sample collection, SmartOil provides our customers with an unprecedented level of accuracy and intelligent information about the oil that keeps their equipment operating at peak performance.


SmartOil™ – Increase equipment uptime. Increase revenue. Increase fleet-wide insight. Ask how.


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Image 1 – Installed SmartOil™ unit with automated oil sampling.

Image 2 – SmartOil software dashboard screen shot.

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