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SmartOil™ 411 Series
#002 Contaminant-free Oil Samples

January 5, 2016 – Traditional machine lubricant oil sample methods provide samples that are riddled with contaminants - such as dust and dirt - and generally lack controllability and repeatability. SmartOil™ solves these problems.


To start with, oil sealing surfaces are never exposed to air due to SmartOil’s ingenious front-sealing design on the solenoid actuated sampling valve. Plus, sampled oil will always be collected from a continuously flowing oil path, so there is no place for oil contamination to form on the outlet of a valve. What’s more, the threaded sample bottle receiver resides inside a locking metal housing, free from dust and other contaminants.  In terms of controlled repeatability, the microprocessor controlled SmartOil always fills the sample bottle to an exact level across a wide range of oil types, pressures and temperatures, ensuring consistent sample volume.


Finally, in the event that a severe or potentially dangerous condition is detected, SmartOil will automatically perform an oil Sample-By-Exception™ to capture a snapshot of the machine’s lubricant condition at the time of the alarm. This ‘time-stamped’ oil sample enables customers to have historical, forensic information regarding the event. SmartOil delivers controlled, repeatable contaminant-free oil samples each and every time.


SmartOil™ – Increase equipment uptime. Increase revenue. Increase fleet-wide insight. Ask how.


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Image 1 – Installed SmartOil™ unit with automated oil sampling

Image 2 – Contaminant-free oil sample area

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