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The first system to monitor both oil contamination and chemical degradation

SmartOil™ in situ IIoT digital sensors monitor contaminants like dust, water, wear metals, and machine conditions like bearing temperature and oil flotation pressure that are indications of ball mill health. Smart because its machine- mounted CPU processor interprets this data in real-time to identify critical changes that can indicate necessary maintenance, potentially avoiding costly downtime and repairs.


SmartOil™ monitors chemical degradation that can compromise lubricant quality. IIoT sensors measure the particulate contaminants in the lubricant to identify signs of premature mechanical wear of bearing surfaces, jeopardizing asset life span.

Value Proposition

mineral processing oil particle report.p

Every SmartOil™ unit’s data and machine health analysis are  graphically displayed on the client’s secure web dashboard. This global view of current and historical trend data from lab analysis, on-line monitoring, and data analytics outputs give decision makers a single asset and fleet-wide view of asset conditions in the field. Configurable alerting options include SMS text, email, and phone call notifications to ensure the right information is seen by the right people at the right time. 


Monitoring machine health requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach to oil condition analytics. Only LogiLube combines in-service oil condition monitoring with automated used oil lab analysis, big data analytics, on-line status dashboards, alerts and notifications to provide operators and asset managers with the mission critical information they need, when they need it. SmartOil™, SmartLab™, SmartData™ and the LogiLube client dashboard form the DNA of Machine Reliability. 


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