Fleet-wide Smart Solutions for uptime reliability, asset life management,
and maximized profitability.

the DNA of
machine reliability



The LogiLube Value Proposition

Increase Equipment Uptime & Extend Asset Life

 Minimize costly equipment downtime and avoid catastrophic failures

with Early Warning Detection™

Increase Revenue

 Optimize operational costs and
reduce maintenance costs while
better utilizing company resources with data analytics

Increase Fleet-wide Insight

 Gain Big Data awareness for fleet optimization and extend the useful life of capital assets with  predictive analytics

Protect Valuable Asset Data

 Protect valuable asset performance data and sensitive business intelligence with Platinum Data Security™

LogiLube Smart Solution Suite

Condition Monitoring System for Compressor Engines

Lubricant Condition Monitoring for Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Failsafe Chain of Custody Applications and Services for Lab Samples

Condition Monitoring for Ball/Rod Mill Gear Lubrication 

Air-gap Network Security Gates for Field-to-network Data Transfer

Quality and Accuracy Monitoring for Fuel and Gas Distribution

Big Data Algorithms for Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

Communication and Transfer Services for IoT reliability



LogiLube Downloads

The Overall Economic Impact™ of SmartOil™ Upgrade on Midstream Natural Gas Compression Systems

Business Benefits and Cost Savings Enabled by LogiLube’s SmartOil™ Technology Platform 

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IIoT Solutions for Intelligent Machine Health Monitoring

November 8, 2018

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