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The LogiLube Value Proposition

Increase Equipment Uptime & Extend Asset Life

 Minimize costly equipment downtime and avoid catastrophic failures

with Early Warning Detection™

Increase Revenue

 Optimize operational costs and
reduce maintenance costs while
better utilizing company resources with data analytics

Increase Fleet-wide Insight

 Gain Big Data awareness for fleet optimization and extend the useful life of capital assets with  predictive analytics

Protect Valuable Asset Data

 Protect valuable asset performance data and sensitive business intelligence with Platinum Data Security™

The LogiLube Solution Set

Real-Time Machine
Condition Monitoring

End-to-End Quality
Oil Sample Analysis

Big Data Analytics
and Analysis

Premium Data Protection
& Client Network Security

Smart Lubricant Analytics for Wind Turbine Gearboxes

LogiLube White Papers

The Overall Economic Impact™ of SmartOil™ Upgrade on Midstream Natural Gas Compression Systems

Business Benefits and Cost Savings Enabled by LogiLube’s SmartOil™ Technology Platform 

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SmartGear™ NREL Wind Turbine Gearbox Reliability Project — Part 1

NREL pulls together an industry team with AMSOIL, and LogiLube to investigate the reliability of wind energy drivetrains to lower O&M costs using SmartGear™ in-service lubrication monitoring.

Why You Should Consider SmartOil

Learn more about the difference LogiLube and SmartOil can make by watching this insightful video. In the Wattenberg Field of Northeast Colorado, we performed a highly successful, multi-month test that provided real-time data on the oil condition of mission-critical compressor equipment resulting in actionable data, increasing equipment uptime while increasing revenue.

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